REVIEW: Imagine Toys - Mighty World Playsets

The Mighty World toy sets are hours are fun!  I'd recommend it for any little one that is over three years old, only because of the many little pieces (note: says 4+ years on box).  Initially I wasn't ecstatic because I didn't want my son losing all the pieces, but once we opened it all up, it was so fun and we placed it all in a little plastic bag and he has played with it tons in the past few days since we received it.
The Mighty World Fire Brigade, the Light & Sound Fire Truck, and a Hazardous Materials Unit all come with the little figures, and little accessories to set up the scene for any emergency rescue fun.
The Fire truck has more than 17 parts, a firefighter, many compartments that open up, has a ladder that pulls out, and more including an easy press  button to get lights flashing and sirens going.  Its steering wheel really steers, the wheels come off, and you can adjust the suspension height.
The Fire Brigade has three firefighter figures, many little parts including extinguishers, axes, mega phone, hand-held stop sign, rescue saw, fire hydrant, safety cones and barricades, grappling hook, walkie-talkie and a stretcher.
All the parts are very detailed in all the sets.
The Hazardous Materials unit comes with two figures ready for a rescue in full uniform, with many parts including a fire extinguisher, safety cones, axes, and shovels.  All the sets are compatible with one another, and lots of fun with the more you have to set the scene and have tons of fun.  I admit it was fun for me to see all the pieces and really great to see my son enjoying the toy.
It is educational as our little ones can learn what all the pieces are for as well as what the little figures "responsibilities" are, and besides the light and sound on the fire truck, it is all left to your imagination.  They are all impressively detailed which makes it so fun.  My son had a little play date and they played with it for a very long time, sitting still setting up different rescue missions.  They are very small parts, as you can see the size for reference on the picture below, a figure with a walkie-talkie and an axe.  I love toys that promote imaginative play and these certainly do.  
I have recently found myself frequenting the Imagine Toys site, where you can find a great assortment of toys for every little one in your life, including the Mighty World play sets.  You can see another one of our favorites here, the Deluxe Build A Road Set.  The selections are unique, the site is easy to navigate, not to mention you can also tweet Imagine Toys and get an answer for all your concerns.  Also be sure to become a fan on Facebook to keep yourself posted to the latest promotions and more!  Right now they are having an "end of year Sale-abration" where  you can save up to 65% off select toys, offer ends January 3rd, 11:59E.T. go find your favorites here.
*I received these items to review, but all opinions are a 100% my own, and my toddler. ♥