The Answer to Your Gift Buying Problems

Are you done with all your holiday shopping?  Christmas is just a few days away and if you are like me, you might still be stuck with that one person that's hard to shop for.  They might have it all, might just be picky, or you might want the perfect gift so you keep holding out and searching.  You also might find out that some friends are coming from far, last-minute to your family party.  So many different times when you find the need to get a gift you are puzzled about.

You are in a need to still go shopping, stores are all crowded with so many people scrambling through what's left, you still have to wrap the gifts you already have, you need to clean up before family arrives, and you still have to send out holiday cards..not to mention your daily list of "to-do's."  The perfect solution that solves my problem every time, is gift cards!

Gift cards are sure to please anyone!  That friend that's coming over last-minute, get him/her a gift card!  That one person that's hard to please, get him/her a gift card too.  That way no matter how picky they can treat themselves to what they want, and are sure to be pleased.  I have gotten gift cards for family and friends many times before, and love that call when they tell me what they used it for.  So not only are you giving a gift, you are also giving an experience..a shopping experience, or a dining experience, depending on what kind of gift card you choose to gift.

I personally love gift cards because I still remember every time I have received one as a gift.  I once received a Gap gift card from a friend who came to my job and surprised me, I still remember what I bought and that was years ago.  The surprise also doubled as really memorable, which brings me to saying, make it special!  Don't just hand over a gift card in an envelope, wrap it up in a box and bow!  I once gave my sister a gift card in a huge box, I mean huge!  With help from my brother, we put the gift card in a small box, and then inside a huge one, placed some bottles of water in it to weigh it.  It was really heavy, as I needed help handing it over to her.  That was for her birthday, and really that idea never gets old.  Another great idea if you aren't into wrapping, buy a little teddy bear or stuffed toy, and place it with the gift card in envelope.  Give some of these ideas a try, and tell me all about it. :)

I hope you have found this post useful, and appreciate gift cards as much as I do! ;) Gift cards are great to give and receive, and the solution to all your gift buying problems..specially last minute ones!

Happy Holidays!
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