Toddlers Top Picks - Matchbox Smokey The Fire Truck

I'm no pro in the toy department, but I do love toys, and I happen to have a toddler that does too. ;)  With that, I want to share another pick that caught my little boys eye and has been on his mind.  Ever since he saw Matchbox Smokey The Fire Truck, he wants it and asks for it every time we mention anything to do with toys or buying anything.
He doesn't ask for toys often, but this truck that talks and shoots balls out, seems to be special.
It really does look fun, I will admit and agree.  Retailing at $60, can be found on amazon for about $45 with free shipping, if you hurry and catch the deals going!!  Here's a direct link for you: click to see Smokey on
Guess which little boy who has been so very good is getting one?  But ssshhh!  Don't go telling him...  Santa is watching you! :)
Feel free to share any suggestions with me, we still have room under our tree.