Toddlers Top Picks - The Leapfrog LeapPad Explorer

As we all know our little ones love the iPad as much as we all do.  So Leapfrog has come out with the LeapPad Explorer for kids, which I see as the kids version of the iPad.  It sounds fun, with different educational apps and more without costing as much as an iPad, and made durable for a toddler.

So that's one of the items on our "wish list" this season.  I know for sure my son would love it, because he loves playing on his grandpa's iPad.

Only reason I am questioning our purchase a bit would be because of the apps and books that need to be purchased separately.  I'm horrible with anything that you spend so much money on and still need to spend overtime to enjoy it.  It just becomes a new expense added instead of a new toy or item just purchased.  I'd want my little boy to enjoy the LeapPad to the fullest, so I have to decide if I'm willing to continue to make more purchases.

It's a given with any gadget that you need to purchase more to enjoy it, so I really am liking what I see despite all that I just said.  Really seems like the new must have for little ones this season.  Wish I owned it already for our vacation coming up, sounds perfect for the long flights and waits in between.

Do you have it already?  What are your thoughts?