Toddlers Top Picks - The Deluxe Build A Road Set

Are you done with holiday shopping for the little ones in your life yet?  I have been looking and finding so many great items for my little boy this year.  Most of "our" picks are for him, but also just as fun for little girls as well.  We have many little ones in our family that we need gifts for as well, but they are the best to shop for.  :)
Our latest pick is from the Imagine Toys  website.  They have a great variety of really cute toys.
We spent a long time on their site because as I mentioned such a great variety, and loved this Deluxe-Build-A-Road-Set.  It comes with 400 hundred pieces that includes the flexible track and two cars.  Looks like they all snap on from what I can see, and is recommended for ages 3 and up, perfect for my little boy.
Says no tools are required, and I believe the two toy cars are battery operated.  There's a video of the toy in action on the site as well, looks like hours of fun.  Looks like a toy that takes up lots of space as it says the tracks make 20 feet, but don't we all wish we had one of these growing up?