Simple Joys of My Life

I have so much on my mind, I just couldn't sleep.  Ever have those nights?

Well, I turned on my laptop, went on the Twitter, and read some tweets.  Went on Facebook, and read some status updates.  And..some time later..still can't sleep..the longer I stayed up and online the more I had on my mind, and I just couldn't shut down.

Quite obviously I'm still up, but my mind has stopped evaluating my life to the extreme, and planning my "to do" list for tomorrow.  Instead I see this amazing little boy asleep next to me.  I smile at all he has to say, all that he thinks of, all that he does..everything that makes him who he is.  Only three years old, and just an amazing little boy.  A little boy who will make a walk across the street to buy groceries an adventure, a little subway ride an "adventure through the tunnels" as he calls it, a boy that makes anything and everything fun and sweet.

And so tonight, despite all my worries, all that I have to do tomorrow, I sleep, a short few hours, but I sleep with a smile on my face because I have my little boy by me.

The simple joys of life, the real joys of life. <3