Family Meals During the Holidays

So as our little boy gets older, it seems to get harder to just feed on the go.  For some of you that don't know, he has severe multiple food allergies, find a full list of his allergies here. When he was an infant, no problem, I breast-fed.  When he was a little older, still no problem, he ate very little of whatever I made him.  Now he is three, with so many preferences and opinions when it comes to his food.  One year I made the family turkey (allergy friendly) and brought it over to my dads house, we aren't very traditional so it worked out just fine!  The year after that I made my boy a collection of his favorites and brought it to my sister in-laws home, still worked out just fine.  As long as his plate was full of good food, he ate it.  So as you can see the only way that it really works is if I make him food and bring it along with us, where ever we are headed.

This year proves to be more difficult because we will be sitting around a table far from home and having a "traditional" family meal at another sister in-laws home.  I'm nervous because I like to make him a version of everything that might be on the table.  I'm thinking of making a whole chicken, and some sides to take with me for him to enjoy.  Sides will include all the vegetables he likes, mashed potatoes, rice, noodles, pickles, I mean anything I can think of so he can have a feast.  :)  I always look like I'm moving in whenever I go visit friends or family for a day, or for a meal.  I carry all the food, drinks if needed, plates, his silverware..I carry so much because I just don't want my boy to be left out.  Happy boy makes happy mommy.  :)

Many of the little kids in my family aren't even into food like my son is, which is so ironic.  They can have it all, but pay no mind to what's on the table and what people eat during this or that holiday.  While my son is very aware, and wants a piece and taste of it all.  I say he loves food and appreciates it because he knows he can't have so much, so when he can, he appreciates.

Also have to figure out what I'll make for dessert for him as well.  A busy day awaits, but in the end all worth it when I see my little boy eating away.

I'm thankful to proudly say I have successfully made sure my son is not left out during the holiday meals these past few years, what are you most thankful for?

~Happy Thanksgiving!~