Quick Visit to the Zoo

Earlier this week, we went to the zoo for a quick visit.  Had been so busy all day, but still wanted our little boy to have something fun before the day ended.
We literally made it to the last few minutes of the zoo before they closed.  We went to the Bronx Zoo, so if you have ever been there, you know that it is huge.  In fact it is the largest metropolitan zoo in the United States, comprising 265 acres of park lands and naturalistic habitats, where the Bronx River flows through.  So we didn't cover much ground, for fifteen minutes of "zoo" time.  I have went there a handful of times for a few years now, and still yet to see the whole zoo.
My son was so excited about "the jungle" as he likes to call the zoo, that I felt bad that we went there with most of everything closed.  We ran to the Bug Carousal that they have, and made it to the last group going on.  He was thrilled!
Even though he wanted to stay much longer, and was so excited for his visit, he was fine with leaving because he understood it was late and told me the animals needed to sleep.  So proud of him! :)  Such a simple thing, and such a short amount of time, yet such a great moment.