Our Experience: Imagin Ocean The Musical

We went to see the Imagin Ocean The Musical show at New World Stages in New York City.
It was the second to last show in New York City.  It was such a cute little show.  Long enough to make every viewer happy, and ends before all the little audience members gets too tired.  We took the train aka the subway, and my son loved it, as we don't take the train often.
While everyone was settling in, someone came around and sold snacks to everyone.  Which I am only bringing up because it bothered me.  Understandable, but still bothered me.  As a parent to a child that has so many food allergies, I don't enjoy seeing many, almost everyone around us purchasing candy and snacks that my son is severely allergic to.  So that was my nervous, uneasy moment of the day.  But thankfully, nothing bad happened.  Just one of the things we deal with, having food allergies.
Back to the show, it was a cute little story about three little fish friends that go on an adventure after finding a treasure map.  All through the way encouraging imagination, and engaging the audience by having the characters talk and ask questions as a part of the story line.  Performed by puppeteers wearing all black in the dark with the black lights on, it was very well choreographed.  The voices were all pre-recorded.  If you tried hard enough, or like my husband had a strange angle, you could see the people moving the characters, but for the most part you only see the characters.  In the beginning and in the end they use bubbles coming down on the audience, which seemed to get everyone really excited..specially in the beginning.  It wasn't pitch black which was good thing when you have many little ones because the black light makes everything glow.
We really enjoyed the show, and everyone in the audience seemed to have as well.  The show was definitely for little kids though, although enjoyable for adults..most of our joy came from seeing our son enjoy the show.
 *I was not compensated for this post in any way, simply sharing our experience with you all. :) And taking the chance to thank my friend Amy for forwarding the tickets to us.  Thank you!!