Go Away Allergies and Asthma!~continued

So since last Thursday, we have had another appointment this past Monday.  It was to draw blood to test some of the allergens to cross reference and to get more answers.  Oh and there again, my son made me SO proud.  I know there are kids out there that are just as amazing as he is and more, but my son just makes me so proud.  They drew out five tubes of blood from his tiny toddler body.  So there he was again, biting his teeth tight, saying "~..ok..mommyy..~."  He teared up again and said "ok that's it, ok that's it" as he said with the skin testing as well.  All as an intern stood by watching with no reaction, and the nurse holding my sons arm down with a tight grasp.  Tears dripped down, and I felt helpless holding my son tight on my lap.  Once he was done, he wiped his tears as I told him how awesome he was..I truly think he is one amazing child.  It could be the mom in me talking, but it is how I feel. :)

It wasn't such a big deal some might say..but he goes through too much for a little three-year old.  And his patience has been tested many times.  I grew up with very few doctor visits, and very few issues as a child, so to see my son to deal with so much..simply breaks my heart.  Asthma and food allergies.  We don't want to, but we work for asthma and food allergies, we raise awareness with every person we talk to, and every new place we visit.

Sadly our next appointment is in another two to three weeks, so we won't be getting answers soon.  Once we compare results with the skin test results, and if we have anything that looks like he might be okay with, we would have to set up another appointment for a food challenge.  This will be a long process.  And to think, I first made the appointment to discuss immunizations for my son.

We ended our Monday with a sweet treat for our little boy.  He couldn't make mommy any more proud.  Just wish all his allergies and asthma would go away!