Go Away Allergies and Asthma!

Appointment with my sons allergist last Thursday went well.  My little boy did amazing, he made me very proud!

He had over thirty skin pricks to test his reaction to allergens.  Done on both arms and both legs.  We have never done so many at one time before but went along with it.  He was incredibly patient and understanding.  I don't think even some adults could have the patience for what he did.  They aren't just bunch of skin pricks, but skin pricks that make him itch!  We blew on it together, sang some songs, and played "doctor" ourselves to help him get through it.

They turned into red dots right away, and some into bigger hives..some not!  We blew on it to help with the itching.  He said "ok mommy.." biting his teeth tight with a little shaky voice as I explained to him, why and what we were doing.  It was a long day for sure, from the waiting room to waiting on the doctor, and to the skin testing itself.  We brought in some fresh food to test, like onions, a banana, garlic, oats, and a couple more items that we were curious to get answers about.

In the end, I'm not sure if we got any real answers.  We saw the results and the doctor concluded, my baby boy looks allergic to dogs, mold, tuna, string beans, salmon..etc.  And might be showing improvement with some like wheat.  But like I said, no real answers.  As accurate as they say the skin testing is versus other ways of testing even blood. I didn't feel the excitement come over me.  I wanted more.  It was hard to even think of because it was the foods that he had an anaphylactic reaction to at six months.

And, no I really don't think I'm being negative about it, just really cautious of even thinking or getting excited too soon.  I used to think and pray of the day that my baby boy would outgrow something, to hear he is getting better, but it has always been the other way.  So my way of dealing with it is, just let it be what it is today.  He has food allergies, asthma..and that's that.  No maybe plans in the future, of course always hopeful, but focusing on today, learning to live with!

Also didn't help that this wasn't the first time my boy has had skin testing for allergies, and I couldn't help but notice the difference.  This time, this doctor "pricked" him like twelve at a time, and usually it is done one by one.  Something about this "new way" as he called it, didn't seem like much of a prick, more like a press on.  So let it be, I am not celebrating anything yet.  Instead thinking about how much we want to move because of his new strong allergy to mold. :(..and as always dreaming of a day my son can be safe around all foods and breathe well at all times.