Cough Cough Cough!

So the other day, we had a great calm day up until about eight in the evening.  The day had passed eventless, we went to the playground, cooked together, and the day was almost over.  Then, I was catching up on the web, when my little boy right next to me started coughing.  Didn't think anything of it, he was right next to me, and I knew he hadn't eaten anything he wasn't alright with.  But then the one cough turned into two..until he couldn't stop.  He literally couldn't stop coughing.  He threw up as a result of it too.  I responded by giving him Benadryl, and Albuterol pump for asthma.  When it didn't get better, my husband and I ran out to drive to hospital.  Only to find out something was wrong with our car!?!  So right outside we called 911, and waited for the ambulance to arrive.

Strangest part was he would stop coughing for seconds at a time and tell me a word or two with a smile on his face.  He wasn't in pain, but at the same time could not stop coughing.  He was completely fine until that first cough, and then the cough didn't go away.  It was so scary, and I felt helpless as he did say "help me mommy."  Thankfully the ambulance came and took us to the hospital.  When we got there, they gave him asthma treatments.  And when it didn't improve as much as they'd wanted, gave him Prednisolone to help him even more.

So that was it, we spent hours there getting treatment after treatment, and waiting in between as they would come and check to see how he was doing.  He improved enough to fortunately return home, tired, hyper and hungry.  We have been taking the meds as prescribed and getting Albuterol treatments with the nebulizer for now.  He sounds really congested and still coughing here and there.  Hoping he improves and gets all better soon.

I'm proud of him for being able to deal with it all so well, taking his medicine even if they taste horrible, sitting still getting his asthma treatments.  It breaks my heart to hear my little boy know how to say "nebulizer," "asthma," and so much's bitter sweet.  Everyone in the ER that came to hear his lungs were all shocked at how he knew what to do, breathe in and out, and the whole routine so well.  I'm so sorry he has to deal with it all, but just very proud of him.  First 911 emergency call..not fun, and of course we never want to go through that again...