REVIEW: Funrise Toys - Gazillion Bubbles: Bubble Cyclone

The Gazillion Bubble Cyclone  from Funrise Toys is just so fun!  From the day we got it, my son can't get enough.  It requires three "AAA" batteries that are not included, but after that you're all set!  It's allot easier and cleaner to have fun with bubbles, with a click of a button there are a "gazillion" colorful bubbles swirling out.  So much fun outside, and I even let my son create bubbles indoors too, I just couldn't resist.  Usually with the traditional 'blow your own bubbles' it gets messy and kids can't always have fun on their own, with this little toy they can.  You can hold it while bubbles swirl out, or place little base on bottom to set it down on a surface for hands free fun.  I even used it to cheer up my toddler sister that was missing her home when I was watching her for a few days, and so I can say it's great for cheering up little ones..and probably will work with adults too..*giggle*!  It's very well made, not to mention the Gazillion Bubble solution, that doesn't compare to any other!  Be sure to use their solution when you refill.  Awesome simple fun, I recommend this for anyone that wants to add some "bubbly" fun to their moments in life.
At Funrise Toys, you can learn more about this cool little item, and many more variety of fun toys.  They have a great selection of toys, and are a trusted "creator of fun" since 1987.  Check out all the selection of Gazillion Bubbles toys!  I think the Gazillion Bubble Cyclone is guaranteed to bring smiles, just look at how happy my son is in this photo! 

*I received this item to review, but all opinions are a 100% my own.