Mysterious Hives

First an update; my sons cough still exists, and not quite getting better.  And in terms of asthma, don't want to jinx anything, so I will leave it with a mention.

So we spent our Saturday visiting the few close family we have, and our son had a good time seeing different faces, and playing with everyone.  Then Sunday, we spent it at home.  It was that dreaded time that comes around way to often; the time to do some serious cleaning.  I probably spent most of my day in the kitchen sorting and scrubbing through everything, and my little boy helped me along the way.

The day flew by since it was a busy productive day, and it was just about bed time when my son came in my arms in the living room as I was sitting on our sofa.  He settled in my arms, and fell asleep.  Only for me to look up and then down to see hives all around both his eyes.  I panicked, and woke him up, called for my husband.  A million things went through my mind, I woke him up because it isn't common for my little guy to just fall asleep in my arms so I even thought he passed a bad way. :(  He barely falls asleep in my arms like that, not so much since I stopped nursing him to sleep a long time ago.  But he was fine, just strange hives all over causing both his eyes to look so much smaller, so scary!  I gave him Benadryl right away, and told him I loved him as I apologized for waking him up.  He responds with a tighter hug, and tells me he loves me too.  Just touched my heart with his sweetness.  Glad that he wasn't feeling too bothered by it.

I held him in my arms a little while longer as he dozed right back to sleep, and the hives fortunately although slowly, disappeared. The ironically well-known mysterious hives.  Most times don't know what caused it, but it comes at the most unexpected and always unwanted times.  It is of course never wanted.  The good thing is it goes away, but sadly it comes around.  It could be something he touched, something he ate,'s mysterious!  And so just another element of dealing with food allergies.  So relieved that it wasn't anything worse, and confused by the mysterious hives as always.

But the latest, right now, he is asleep dreaming sweet dreams, as he laughs in his sleep. :D

And now I'm off to dream with him! Zzzz...
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