The Day Baby Was Born™ - A New Web App From Tommie Tippee

Many of you know already that my son is three years old now from previous posts (here and here), and as he gets older I look back to when he was born and realize how much time has flown by.  I think back to when I was pregnant and it seems so far away, yet like yesterday!  If you are a parent, you may know what I mean?  It has been so long, so much has happened.  But I remember it like yesterday, I feel the emotions like yesterday.  As I am typing right now, I am feeling joy watching my baby boy asleep next to me.  I always joke around and say it is a high, a happy high, words can't describe, that I get when I think of the day he was born.  Ever had so much fun, laughing that you just get a happy high? *lol..well maybe you can relate? ^_^

I was in labor for hours as my contractions had started hours before I made it to the hospital.  I kept calling, trying to prevent getting there too early and getting sent back home.  Don't get me wrong I was in serious amounts of pain, and then I was fine, then back to serious amounts of pain, and back again for a very long time.  Apparently I'm very patient, and good with pain?! <Complete surprise to me.  After I finally made it to the hospital, I used no medications to help me dull the pain and at the time I thought I would die if I didn't, but once I heard my baby boy cry for the first time, the pain literally went away.  They put him on top of me right away and it was simply amazing to have him in my arms for the first time.  It was an incredibly emotional and magical time.  I felt like everything happened so fast, I couldn't believe it.  I still can't believe that this amazing little boy is my son! :D

He is my first and only little boy, and as much as I have many pictures of him.  I wish I had documented it all well.  Which brings me to the new The Day Baby Was Born™, free web app.  It is this very cool web app that let's you capture the very special moments ;) with ease by creating a story book.  It is perfect for us parents who just don't have the time to put it all together with a newborn.  Here's an awesome example of the app in use that I'm sure you'll love: sample story book.

Getting started with and using the app is much easier than creating a memorable story book on your own that you might start and never get to finishing being a new parent.  Which I am sadly guilty of...  If you are expecting, sign up, and try this new FREE app today.  Here's an image of what to expect on the home page.

With The Day Baby Was Born you can capture all that you want or just some of the following:

  • Facebook Wall comments and well-wishes by friends and family through pregnancy and birth announcements

  • Your pregnancy journal from each week of the journey to the birth day

  • News, facts and information from the day your baby was born

  • Your personal story and letter to baby to preserve forever the feelings from that day

  • It’s is a simple way to create a beautiful record of the world at the moment your baby arrived

To get the full effect of what you can do, you must see the sample story book.  I loved it, and really wish I had this with my baby boy.

This app has recently been launched by Tommie Tippee.  Keep updated by following @tommeetippee_na on Twitter and become a fan of Tommee Tippee on Facebook.

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