You're Not Alone - Be Heard

When you sign on to Facebook, Twitter, read the posts by your friends, or talk to friends and family, don't most of them seem so happy all the time?!  Does it seem like you are the only one going through relationship issues, financial, health..etc.?  And you are the only one that seems to have troubles, well you're not alone!  Let's face it not all of us are always that happy.  We have our days, and we all certainly have our troubles in life.

It's not always easy to just open up to someone, and ask for support.  You don't want the judgement that comes along with it, you're afraid they won't understand.  Well, you can come here, tell me and everyone about how your marriage isn't so great, your troubles at work, finances, health issues, self esteem, and all that you want to just voice out.

I'm going to create a category following this post titled "Be Heard", and this is for you!  Come by click on the tab, and just comment.  All of you, that might want to voice your opinion on something, or just let it out.  It will help you feel better to be heard, and I promise to hear you out.  Feel free to comment anonymously, you will need to put your email address, but put whatever you want as your "name," which is visible to public.  You're privacy will be protected by all means.  I hope you guys come around and voice all your troubles, or questions here, and find support from one another.  Simply know you aren't alone, it starts with one person sharing to learn that you're not alone, and we can expand from there!


*I thank the first few that have reached out/commented.  I know it isn't in the best format right now, but we all start somewhere! ;)*