Pizza for Dinner

We were invited to a birthday party that was supposed to be yesterday, but they cancelled last minute.  I was okay with that, because it was going to be a pool party, and you guys might already know, I'm not running to flaunt it yet!  Still working on that one.  So we took the time, to finally head out to buy some things I needed for my sons birthday.  It's about that time of year, when I start experimenting nonstop to make the best cake I can for him.  Last years birthday cake was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, I just put a mickey mouse candle and four cupcake toppers on four corners.  It tasted good, but it melted quite a bit by the time it was cake time last year, because we were at a park.  We plan to do it there again this year, hoping to come up with a clever idea so that won't happen again.
After going back and forth about what I wanted to make for him.  I have finally decided, I plan to make him cupcakes instead of beating myself up trying to do a professional bakers job.  Perhaps next year I will.  I'll keep you updated on how that turns out.
We were all very hungry after all the time we spent out, and my husband suggested pizza for dinner.  It had been so long since I had pizza, I couldn't turn down the idea.  Of course, he has already lost the weight he wanted, so I lose on this one.  As you may know by now, my son can't eat out, and certainly can't grab a slice from outside because of his food allergies.  So what did that mean?  I had to make him pizza!  And I did it!  He can't have a long list of foods, so it was a challenge but it was a success.  Our meal was delayed because it obviously takes time to make pizza from scratch, but the outcome was all worth it.  It tasted great, but my son wasn't used to the texture of "dough" so he only nibbled a little, but ate the veggies on top.  This is the second time I made pizza, and happy to have found the resources to make it last minute.  I tell you, you learn to be unbelievably happy about the simplest things when you aren't able to enjoy all the simple things in life.  Even though, I ended up making my son something else to eat to ensure he eats enough for dinner, that pizza you see in the picture was the highlight of our day.
I'd like to end with a little message to my friends, who don't have food allergies, next time you grab a bite to eat alone or with your family without going through any thought of what the ingredients are or having to do what we have to each time, just take a moment to appreciate each bite and take in the moment with a smile.
And please feel free to share your thought and opinions below, I'd love to hear from you.