A MOMent brought to you by a Hot Dog

It had been so long since we treated ourselves to the movies, we decided to the week Cars 2 came out, and I was anxious to watch with my son.  The last time we were at the movies, he was always asleep or eventually would be.

He loved it, he watched the whole time sitting all by himself, even pausing to tell me what was going on.  The reason I'm writing about this isn't because of how well he watched the movie but because as I mentioned it was spontaneous.  I only left the house with some Glutino pretzels and Lundberg rice cakes for my son as snacks for the car ride.  When you have severe food allergies, there's no grabbing a bite to eat somewhere, I usually bring all his food from home.  No worries for my husband, and I we don't have any allergies to food by the way.  But after having strolled around the area for so long, and by the time it was movie time, my son was hungry.  A brand of hot dogs he can have is Nathan's, and that's what they had at the movies concession stand. I repeatedly looked at how it was prepared, talked to everyone behind the counter to make sure it doesn't touch anything while being prepared, served, delivered, I mean you name it, I did.  It simply isn't worth it to take a risk and not ask a million questions.  So I decided to give it a try, and so happy I did.  Not only was he okay with it, but it made him so happy, and in turn I was overwhelmed with joy.  I couldn't take the smile off my face to watch every bite he took, and to have him turn around and say "I love you soo much, thank you, this is so yummy."  It's the joy of eating out, or else he's had those hot dogs, and I cook plenty to make sure he isn't left out wherever we go.
This was the second time he ever ate out without me bringing food from home, the other time was in a Brazilian steak house in Miami a year ago.

I didn't want to get his hopes up so while I ordered it, I didn't tell him, and he quietly assumed it was for us and didn't ask.  But when we got to our seats after I had smelled it, tasted it, and got my nerves together.  I gave it to him in the little Nathan's box, the excitement was amazing!  He ate the whole thing, and all was well!  We certainly appreciate the little things in life that many take for granted, and this is one of them, which is anything but a little thing to us.  This is certainly a moment I won't forget, and thought I'd share.  Just another moment that made me smile, what moment made you smile recently?