Milk comes from where?

I only breastfed my son as a baby, and it was a good thing I went that route.  Although there was that one time a nurse gave him a formula bottle against my wishes, when I passed out of exhaustion at my first days at the hospital!  It was a hard start at first but I stuck with it from day one to when he was over two years old, seems like along time ago now even though he'll be three at the end of this month.   He used to get horrible eczema when he was young, and scratched his face allot too.  I read up on what could be causing it, and asked his pediatrician, and unfortunately he just thought I was an over dramatic first time mom.  My son would get horrible gas he cried in pain, and his cheeks were so red, you could smell raw flesh..those were hard times.  His pediatrician at the time, wasn't fazed, said it was normal and will get better on its own!?  It didn't!
Finally I found out that it could be very easily linked to his diet, which meant my diet as he only got breast milk.  I ate all the "healthy suggested" foods that included eggs, whole wheat bread, milk, cheese, beans, peanut butter, well you know the list right?  I read about this completely foreign topic for me at the time, which was food allergies.  I didn't think it could be, but eliminated sweets as the old timers in my family kept telling me its a rash caused by too much sugar.  Eventually after learning more, I eliminated eggs, and milk the major players in my diet, and right before my eyes my baby was feeling better all around.
Since then we have went through one traumatic incident, that I will tell you guys another time, that confirmed his many severe food allergies including milk.  But the good news is we found many different options for him.  Specially that of milk.  He is able to drink soy milk, coconut milk both without a huge reaction, and tons of hemp milk with no issues at all.  He has been drinking these dairy free options for a long time now, and now knows that those are the kinds of milk he can have!
I like to test his knowledge of his allergies, and teach him what he can and can't have.  One of the exercises includes me asking him how he would respond if someone gave him "blank."  So I recently asked him how he would respond if someone offered him cows milk, he told me, "NOo I have allergies," I asked him what he can have, he knew and told me.  I was very proud!
Then came the perfect ending to our little conversation.  He told me "Cows milk is yucky, it comes from cows butt" as he pointed at his rear end.  He absolutely in no way feels left out, and if anything thankful for not drinking out of a cows butt.  **insert giggle**  Now that's a funny moment right?  Life is about finding the positive in our days, and this moment sure brought tons to an easily serious or sad topic.  It brings a smile to my face as I replay the moment in my head right now.
What moments made you smile or laugh about recently?