Me Time - Juvenex Spa

My birthday is on Monday, and since I usually dedicate all of my time to my family, I decided to treat myself to an evening at Juvenex Spa. When I first stepped in I was kindly welcomed by the lady at the front and a great calming atmosphere. Funny because right before you head up to the fifth floor, the lobby was kinda dirty and maybe a little scary!  0_o Ha!  Conveniently located near the train station on 34th Street Herald Square and located in small "Korea Town."  Also a great area to grab many delicious authentic Korean dishes, which are one of my favorite types of food..but I do have many!

I called ahead of time to make a reservation and they had many slots available, actually I was able to call last-minute and choose the time I wanted to come. I chose to get the "Basic Purification" package which included a Korean style salt glow scrub, stimulating shampoo & conditioner, full body cleansing and body nourishment, and a cucumber gentle facial that cost $115.  But with a further look on their website, I was able to add on a hydration body wrap for $80 more, which ended up including  a relaxing massage in the end.  I walked out feeling renewed, and I have to say to all the parents out there, take one day or at least a half day just for you, it's well worth it and you deserve it!  I have been to a spa only once before this time, and it was years ago.  

I first took a shower, followed by the "Jade Igloo Sauna," then to the "Diamond Herbal Steam Sauna," and finally the cold water tubs more formally known as the "Japanese Style Soaking Tubs," they had a warm one with lemons floating about.  Aah I could just live there! I was already having fun, but the treatments were to come. A wonderful lady named Lisa made my little treat to myself a great experience. I felt comfortable the whole time, and I'm really a very shy person specially when baring it all here and there is involved. If you've never had a body scrub, I totally recommend it!  It clears away all the dead skin on your body leaving your skin so soft..or better said "invigorated."  The body wrap was also very interesting, and I believe it's supposed to hydrate.  It felt a bit strange, but then very relaxing.  To lay still, wrapped up with a mud like seaweed thing..yea no knowledge of proper name of this one, and cucumbers all over my face, also known as a cucumber facial, was surprisingly relaxing.  As a mom, I barely ever have the time to even let my nail polish dry..if I even have the time to paint them, but to have more than two hours to myself just to get pampered was great!  There wasn't much talk, just a little direction when needed, which was fine with me.  With a now three year old toddler at home, I talk enough and hear enough chatter too! :)  

I loved my time there, and hope to go again, but as a stay at home mom, this was definitely a treat that unfortunately won't happen as often as I'd want.  To be fair, I already stated I want to live there, so that's really not affordable. :P  I don't have much experience at spas, as you may have picked up on, but if you are a New Yorker, or visiting, treat yourself to a great time at Juvenex Spa ("the jewel of New York spas"), I certainly enjoyed my stay.  They are open 24 hours and 7 days!  They accept Spa Finder gift cards.  Don't forget to grab a bite to eat in the area too, I had to run back home to my baby boy to give him a bath, so I didn't get to.  Juvenex Spa has specified times when it's only for women, and after hours when it's for both men and women.  I went in the evening so I saw some couples, a few girlfriends, some woman alone like me, and one single guy that stood out to me.  He said he had a 20 minute massage when I first sat in the Jade Igloo Sauna, and when I left he was still there, but that shows that you can enjoy your time as long as you want.  The only thing I would do differently next time, is sit down to drink some water, as I only had a little and was so thirsty..LOL!  Oh, and I won't rush out next time, for some reason when my massage was over I changed and was at the train station before I knew it, I wish I had sat down for a little while longer..and had some water!  It's such a different atmosphere in there from the busy New York City streets, and felt like a great retreat.  I'm glad I took a moment to myself to enjoy this one evening, now back to being busy mom!

I told the ladies at the front desk that I might blog about my time at the Juvenex Spa, so I'd like to thank them for making my one evening to myself so enjoyable.  And of course, great thanks to Lisa!!!!

I wasn't compensated for this post in any way, I just wanted to share my experience with everyone.  For more information about the Juvenex Spa in New York City visit their website by clicking here: