The Magic Feather

The other day my son was bored out of his mind, he had played with just about every toy he had, which also meant he made a huge mess, but that's a whole other story.  We usually try to go out at least once a day to prevent boredom that provokes destroying the apartment, but that day we spent it relaxing at home, and also saving money too because when we head out we always seem to need something, and it doubles as saving gas too.  Anyhow, he needed to get out so my husband took him for a little walk around the neighborhood.  It was a short walk, but being the little sweet boy he is, he appreciates everything.  He had a blast because he took his Nerf Super Soaker Point Break Water Blaster from Toys R us, and came back in a few minutes because they were out of water.

It was perfect timing, I had just finished putting all the toys in place.

So my son runs up to me like it had been days since he left for his walk, and says in his tiny toddler voice;

"Mommy I have a surprise for you."  He continues to tell me, after getting my full attention, "you look a lil' sad," I responded that I wasn't sad, well because I wasn't.  He then tells me that he got a feather for me, and at this point I was more worried about how gross it was specially after he told me "I found it on the street, it's a present for you."  I of course, couldn't break his little heart, and I was blown away with his well put sentences and his thoughtful little heart, so the fact that he found it on the street didn't bother me as much..or I wasn't going to show it anyway.  So he turns around and talks to this tiny feather pinched between his tiny fingers; "Hi feather make my mommy really happy ok! you are magic!"

Now if that's not a moment to make me smile on and on, what is? What moment made you smile today?