Just Shopping for Food

A regular day going shopping for us seems to take up the whole day.  First the list of course, like anyone else I think, but then to find the products that are allergy friendly.  When we first entered the world of food allergies, we had to learn everything from scratch.  Some to our benefit, because I admit I never read ingredients in the foods that I bought before, now wouldn't buy without reading.  Even if it's food for my husband and I, surprising what we all consume..and not in a good way, so that is one good that came out of food allergies in the family for sure.  If you don't already, stop and read what is in our everyday 'go to' foods.  Now back to shopping for allergy friendly products, it has definitely gotten easier over the years but here and there it takes extra effort and time to just to find that specific product.

Recently as I've mentioned, my son's birthday is coming up.  So the last week, or more, I have been on the search for the simplest things that would be no problem if we didn't need to buy allergy friendly, but unfortunately a mission for us.  It all depends where you live, because when I go visit my sister in another state and it never is a problem finding anything.  I believe I got everything I need for his cake for now, finally!  Oh and I also know there is options to order from online, but I still would end up buying from different sites to fulfill all I really need, so I just go physically.  Even though this time, I did order some stuff from the internet on top of everything else because couldn't find it in any of the stores we have available.

So what am I talking about here besides baking ingredients, well noodles/pasta for example, many options but only a few that work for us, and just a select few stores that carry them.  We have been known to drive to three different stores, all in three different directions from one another to stock up on something as simple as pretzels for our son.  The latest, today we went to two different stores both thirty minutes from each other just to buy him candy that is safe to put in his pinata on his birthday.  Just a little packet of lollipops, he is okay with!  Well, of course we didn't buy just one, and we stock up as much as we can, but the cost adds up easily.  We also bought allergy friendly ice cream, which is another thing to treasure, because we always have to hope to find it.

Just wanted to share just one of our moments in life that take up a lot of moments and often a lot of money too, and could be a struggle if we didn't make fun of the drives and adventure of finding foods our boy is okay with.  It is always worth it to see that our little boy is never left out, well if mom and dad have anything to do with it! ;)