I Love Him...

My toddler is so well-rounded.  Watching him grow up to be this smart little boy has been amazing to witness.  I speak of him having food allergies, asthma, eczema, and all the things like that but there's so much more to him.  At almost three years old he impresses me with his knowledge, and personality.  He is talented in ways I'm not, and probably much smarter than I could imagine I was at two years old.  He has a natural passion for baseball, and sports altogether.  Another sport he loves is golf, and very well at it too.  Loves music, and seems to have an ear for it too.  You can catch him pretend playing a guitar to the beat, by moving his body along.  You'll surely see him carrying a sports ball around everywhere he goes or a bat of course.  He loves helping me cook, and will enjoy watching a cooking show any day maybe as much as he would a cartoon.  Over the past year his interests are only broadening and it all just makes me one proud mom.

His first passion was baseball, I remember as soon as he was walking around and could understand the sport he was hooked.  He used to say, "bayball."  He loves his New York Yankee cap, and loves wearing jerseys so he can look like a baseball player.  He has a hell of a swing too, specially for his age.  He can hold the ball and bat himself and hit the ball right up at you.  Of course he is a toddler so when under pressure, he will act all silly and shy.  He can stay at any sports related store forever if I let him.  He loves going straight for the baseball helmet, bat, and glove carrying it around the whole time.  He has bats and balls at home but he just can't get enough.  He was just a baby, not even fully talking when we first took him to Yankee Stadium for his first game, when he enjoyed cheering with the crowd.  We don't go as often as we'd like but he is one very young, huge fan of baseball.  Recently he has learned how to differentiate the pitcher, and the catcher and their positions plus responsibilities the way he sees it.  His love for baseball still remains and is only getting stronger as he learns more.

So many things about my little boy that makes me proud, and his love for baseball is just one of them.  I could go on and on about him now, but I'll continue more about all the reasons why I'm proud of him in later posts.