Fitness Goals

After being pregnant twice, and overall not having time to exercise as often, I'm finding it hard to keep extra unwanted weight off, or rather, lose the weight gained.  My son is just about three years old, and my reasons are no longer "baby weight."  I had a failed pregnancy a year ago, after growing a little bump at four months pregnant, all to find out it was a molar pregnancy, which meant no baby!  More about that another day!
When my son was a year old, after nursing him for so long, I had no problem losing all the weight gained while pregnant and then some.  I was even complaining because all my clothes were too big on me.  Oh how I wish to go back to those days...  Just to clarify technically I'm not overweight, I just want to get to my desired healthy fit body shape, size, well you get the idea right?  It has been extra hard, because with a molar pregnancy HCG levels are extremely high and do all sorts of loops to your hormones, I gained weight with that one.  I could barely eat, but yet I gained weight, very strange experience.  I probably gained more during the second pregnancy than the first successful one.  So recently I have taken up jogging again, although my jogging stroller isn't the best it helps because it's one exercise I can do with my son.  I've also started workout videos, which seems very effective as long as I keep it up.  I'm determined to keep going, so I can be able to feel comfortable in my own skin, specially since beach days are here.
One extra push I'm getting is from my husband.  He isn't telling me to, but he has his own success story to tell that motivates me.  He started bike riding for fun and for exercise a few months ago, and he has lost tons of weight all with an old bike a family member was getting rid of.  He's well on his way to looking like how he used to when I first met him in high school.  So my next hopes is to go bike riding with him when he does, so I can see some results too.  It's been so long since I really rode a bicycle, hope I still can.  But we'll see how those plans workout.  For sure I will continue to jog, and do my workout videos, both easy ways to stay active while with my little boy.  Why is it that it seems men have it so easy for everything, I've been eating right and trying forever it seems.  My husband wakes up one day and decides to bike, and voila!  Just like that, he's a new man.
The moments I really felt the motivation to reach my fitness goals was when I wasn't excited to go the beach as I usually would, and the other, seeing my husband's success in a short period of time.  Are you on your way to getting more fit and healthy?  What moment motivated you?  I wish you luck if you are making healthier choices.
Wish me luck with my goal to catch up to my husbands success, and please feel free to share any stories you may have, as well as tips below, or just say "hi."