Eleven Days to Go

 Eleven days to go including today, and then we will celebrate my son's birthday with some friends and family.  He will be three, in eight days.  And my birthday is in twelve days.  Time is just flying by extra fast lately.  I've been keeping so busy and haven't had the chance to see what time it was before the day was over.  Although I will admit there have been days where I'm so busy, yet wonder what I actually got done in the end.  Have you ever had so much to do, started one thing then the other, but didn't complete any of it?  0_o

Alot of what's keeping me busy seems to be revolving around my son's birthday party.  I've sent out invites, and have most of everything ready, but still stressing over the cake.  As some of you might know already, my son has multiple food allergies, so I've been trying to figure out a good recipe for making a cake from scratch, and making it look fun for a very excited three-year old.  He has been talking about his birthday everyday, since we told him his birthday is coming up!  I'm no professional baker, I used to enjoy baking for fun but from a box where you toss in some eggs  and milk, and your done.  But have entered into a new world, of baking from scratch.  It has its benefits, for sure though.  Nothing beats knowing exactly what you are eating, and making it fresh, as I say.  But sometimes I wish I could just order a cool cake for him, because I want him to have an awesome cake.  It's alright though, just pushes me to get better at certain things, and creates fun moments to remember.
The party is going to be Disney Cars theme, so I thought of many different ways I could make his cake revolving the theme.  But after looking for food coloring, and asking around a bit too, I've decided to just stick with a cake or cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  No food coloring for us this time.  The food colorings aren't good for you anyway, and the natural ones sold have some ingredients that my son is allergic to, so it is really not a win win situation.  I had a cake with dirt road, and then race tracks in mind, but guess not.  Another thing that troubles me is that the party will take place at a park, which means the cake or cupcake wont be in the refrigerator for hours before we blow out the candles.  In the heat, the frosting tends to melt out of shape.  Lots of little things to figure out.
So, I'm going to be a little off until his birthday party is done with, literally not thinking straight with so much going on, mostly in my head. *giggle*  Going to be baking to test out recipes, but still waiting on special flour and ingredients I ordered from web to arrive, which is making me nervous.  I remember one thing, and freak out about another.  I have a list of to do's to complete...  I need tools for baking, I need the cupcake trays, and I need miscellaneous things like citronella candles.  Wish me luck, and I'll keep you all posted as the countdown winds down.
Opinions, stories, or any tips you may want to share please comment below.  I'd love to hear it!