Chocolate Drizzled Banana Bites Recipe Inspired By Amazon Original Series " Just Add Magic" Season 2 Premiere!

Just Add Magic inspired Recipe
Looking for a fun series to watch with your children that is full of family friendly mystery, friendship, fun and time in the kitchen?  Amazon Original Kids Series Just Add Magic is the series to watch as a family and enjoy with your children.  My children and I have been obsessed with the show, and I admittedly binge watched a show with my children for the first time, 2-3 episodes at a time!  Each episode is about 25 minutes long, giving just enough information to keep the story going while leaving us wanting more.  The season 2 of Just Add Magic premieres today Friday, January 13.  As the last season left us with a huge new mystery of a new character that threatens to steal they magical cookbook, we are excited to start streaming.  Just in time for the new season we have created a recipe, we so proudly came up with named "Chocolate Drizzled Banana Bites"- they are allergy friendly so everyone can enjoy it, and so easy to make - it's almost magic!  Our recipe is magical in it's own way, and brings instant smiles.
Just Add Magic Inspired REcipe

Four Steps to Achieving Your Goals

There are FOUR important steps to keeping up with your goals.  Writing your goals down and believing in yourself is the first step.  Writing it down allows you to see it in writing and allows you to actually keep your goals, and makes it something to achieve and cross off your list!  The rest of the steps are simple and easy if you are able to follow them.  

The Baby Smile S-502 Nasal Aspirator & Your Chance to Win #Giveaway!

Baby Smile S-502 Nasal Aspirator
Parenting might be the most rewarding "job"out there, but isn't easy by any means, but the real tough times comes when our children are not feeling well.  Young children get sick easily, and most times it's inevitable.  There's nothing like that feeling of helplessness where you just want to make it all better, but you can't.  The most we can do is do our best to keep them from getting sick, and do all we can to help them feel and get better if they do.  There are a few things we can do to help our babies feel better while they are fighting off the flu, like making sure they are well hydrated, offering lots of cuddle time, and making sure their nasal passages are cleared.  The Baby Smile S-502 Nasal Aspirator is a product that can help that dreadful and sometimes traumatic task of clearing baby's nasal passages more pleasant for both baby and parent.

Cute Collectibles - Whiffer Sniffer Scented Backpack Clip Characters

Whiffer Sniffers Scented Clips
If you're in the need of cute stocking stuffers, gift add-ons, or simply love cute collectibles check out Whiffer Sniffers.  They are super cute scented character collectibles that children like to clip on to their backpacks, and I know some of my adult friends like to clip onto their gym bags.  They're quirky fun, and adorable to collect as well as give to friends.  Guessing games can be created using the Whiffer Sniffers at parties, and they can be used as party favors.  With the many collective scented characters there's a perfect one for all your friends.

LeapFrog LeapStart™ Interactive Learning System for Little Learners #giftidea

LeapFrog LeapStart™ Interactive Learning System
LeapFrog LeapStart is an interactive activity learning system for kids that teaches core school and life skills.  There are two LeapStart system choices one for ages 2-4 and the other for 5-7 years old.  Children play and learn with engaging activities galore.  The learning systems are compatible with the books of any level.  There are four levels of books available for purchase so kids can continue to grow their interactive learning library.   I have always loved LeapFrog toys for my children because there's always a great thought put into it being educational, and fun for children.  Check out the Leaping Letters if you haven't yet.  I think this is one of LeapFrog's top products that every child should own.  It's a great resource for young children wanting to learn, and those parents who want to make sure they are leaning but also having fun.

Let Salonpas Help You with Pain Relief + Giveaway ($100 Value)

Aches and pains this holiday season?  Needing immediate relief in a safer and effective way so you can continue cooking, shopping, wrapping presents, and most importantly spending quality time with family?  Salonpas can help.  Salonpas has a great line up of products that can reduce aches and pains caused by back ache, stiff neck, join pain, and sore muscles.  On top of the great line up of products already available, they now have a new cost-effective solution for pain management with the launch of the maximum strength, unscented Salonpas Lidocaine 4% Pain Relieving Gel-Patch.

IDO3D Vertical - Draw in 3D #toys

Draw in 3D

Once I hear "kids can create" I want to know more!  It's like getting your money's worth and incorporating learning and play at the same time.  The IDO3D pen comes with 3 3D Pens that allows you to follow the guided map and create actual little figures.  As with anything new, it takes time to learn and master for the best results, and I find it great as a parent & child project.  If you like to draw and are good at it, you will really enjoy this since you "draw" in the air and on the template to make your figure.  

StikBot Zanimation Studio & Action Packs #giftidea #stikbot #ages4andup

The way kids have fun these days are nothing like it was in our day.  Children have to know more, and learn more everyday with the fast advancing technology these days.  This includes keeping up with the latest apps, and games out there.  While we may have gotten a hold of a touch screen and cool apps much later in our lives, children are born with the latest tech at their fingertips.  Having fun animating the old fashioned way, drawing at the edge of your notebook and going through the pages quickly to see your stick figure move is always fun..but the StikBot allows for children to do it in the more modern, up-to-date way.  Children can create, animate and share their videos with the StikBot ZANIMATION Studio.