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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Most of Us Moms Deserve More

Equality.  Women's rights.  And our right to be treated equally is nice and all but let's not forget some points here.  *I'm not talking historically or too serious here so bear with me*  While there are many men stepping up as parents and husbands, taking on roles they wouldn't have been expected to years back, there are still many men who are just simply benefiting and taking advantage.  We care differently, we carry and create our children from our own flesh.  We are not equal.

Accurate to the modern way of being, in most families both husband and wife go to work but when it comes to house work and taking care of the children; most cases it is still the women's responsibility to do so.  What is so equal about that?!  What I'm saying is that we should have more.  Sure allow me to work, and carry my own bags..but no.. know most women still do more.
Equality is nice and all but we are woman and man for a reason.  Our bodies are made differently.  So personally please continue to open that jar for me, continue to at least offer to carry my bags, and know that in the end of the day for most of us women-we are doing more.  That is far from equal.  I know too many that go to work but have far more responsibilities than their husbands, and that is exactly what is expected of them too.  It isn't right.  A full time mom doesn't get to clock out of work.  A working mom often has to come home from work and still have to be the one to worry about dinner on the table, clean clothes, and a clean functioning home.

The more we act like it's okay for us to do more, the more it's expected of us.  The most undervalued job is truly being a mother.  My husband gets to go to work clock in and out, and bring home a paycheck showing his "accomplishments" for the weeks, while I don't have any paperwork to show for my busy full of excitement days.  My days are never ending.  I never eat or sleep in peace.  Of course I'm personally one of the few unlucky ones since I don't have many close family to help us out.  It's said that it takes an army to raise kids, I have no army.  Kids don't know better and I don't expect a full appreciation from them until they are adult parents themselves.  I only wish my mom was still alive and around for me to tell her my many thanks for her many nights and days of true genuine caring love. 

Anyway.  What I'm saying is, it isn't equal.  We should call it more rights movement or something..for those of us that are busy moms, not getting enough credit for what we do. 

It's 3 AM.  I hear my husband snoring.  But I also hear my baby crying.  I gotta run.

*Clearly my views will not be one that everyone could relate to.  Every person, every family is different... 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Num Noms - New Scented Cute Collectibles for Kids

*I received the item/s for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own.  No other compensation was provided.
If your kids are anything like mine, they've had a collection or two of different toys by now.  From little blind bag Minecraft figures to Shopkins, it's all a great hit here in our home.  It's the mystery and fun in not knowing what you'll open up next every time.  Although hard on my wallet at times, I actually enjoy cute little toy collectibles just as much as my kids.  A new interest in our home is the new scented collectibles toy line for kids called Num Noms.  They are adorable scented soft characters that you collect, stack, create and use as lip gloss.  You can mix and match to create new scent combinations, over 1000 scented combos. 
This starter pack comes with 3 soft squishy hallow characters called Nums, a little tub for mixing, a little scooper, and a motorized Num!  My daughter really liked it right away, hard to resist cuteness.  And since she's very much into lip gloss she was very excited for the added gloss on top of the cute collectible that it is.
Inside the motorized Nom character is adorable and brings so much fun for such a simple toy.  Kids can race them, and trade them like many other collectibles.
These "blind bags" are nicely packaged.  We were lucky enough to receive all 4 different characters inside.  Cute little things that are stackable to show like cupcakes or scoops of ice cream.
The lip gloss Noms fits right inside of the soft Num characters.  Little girls will love the characters, the scents and the lip gloss.  Keep an eye out for Num Noms available at Toys R Us in stores nationwide. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Learn about Feelings with The Moodsters & The Moodster Meter

*I received the item/s for the purpose of review.  No other compensation was provided.  All opinions a 100% my own.
Toddlers can get pretty dramatic sometimes, in fact mine walks around saying she's "16 years old," and that could be quite an accurate age definition for her big feelings at times.  Meet the Moodsters book and Moodster Meter is a fun tool to help kids express how they are feeling.  The story gives examples and allows parent and child to interactively talk about emotions.  It can work for older kids as well, to simply discuss how it is okay to have different emotions.
Preschoolers will get familiar with their feelings and others' by learning about being happy, angry, afraid, loving, and sad.  The Moodster meter makes it fun, and allowing children to express how they are feeling with words can make a world of a difference for them and parents alike.  This super simple set gives kids the vocabulary they need, helps build emotional intelligence, and offers simples everyday strategies for challenges of growing up.  The best part about the set for me is that my children didn't treat it like an educational set.  It is simply a fun story, and fun meter.  I'm constantly telling my now 3 year old to speak and express her emotions, this was the perfect little set to help me teach her even more.     

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Reindeer Dust by Kate Dwyer #childrensbook

*I received the item/s for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own.  No other compensation was provided.
Reindeer Dust written by Kate Dwyer and illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff is a cute book that's the perfect read and possible tradition starter during Christmas time.  About reindeer dust, believing, and the magic that surrounds Christmas.  It was Christmas day and Santa had presents overflowing in his sled for all the children, but the reindeers were too hungry to find the houses of children through thick fog.  A young boy comes up with a plan to make reindeer dust to help the reindeer.  He mixes up a special mix, and recites "I will always believe" and sprinkles it all around to help the reindeer see.  The reindeer are able to spot the glittering trail of reindeer dust and Christmas is saved. 
In the back of the book, there is also a recipe for children to make their own "reindeer dust" to help Santa's reindeer. 
It's beautifully written, and illustrated.  My children loved the added recipe bonus in the back, and asked if we can sprinkle reindeer dust for Santa's reindeers as well.  It's a simple recipe anyone could probably create from what's in their kitchen.  We omitted and swapped what we needed to for allergy reasons, the kids loved it.  They can't wait to sprinkle some reindeer dust Christmas eve.  Quickly pick up a copy to share the story with your children today!

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Quinny Yezz Stroller #mom #dad #parenting #pregnancy #giftidea

*I received the item for the purpose of a review.  No other compensation was provided.  All opinions are a 100% my own.
You've either been shopping all year round, for the pasts few months, or starting to shuffle around now hoping to find the perfect gifts for everyone.  Do you have an expectant or new parent that could use a cool new stroller?  Could you use a new stroller?  I'm thinking the Quinny Yezz stroller would be a great fit.  My first thought when I think of the Quinny Yezz stroller right how perfect it would under the tree.  I'd take it right out of the box and wrap it up after assembly.  It's folds small and is not your everyday stroller appearance when folded, no one would know what it is until opening time! 
When it comes to strollers, it is all about stylish and chic, along with all the features that should be a given these days.  Lightweight and compact is a must.  The Quinny Yezz stroller is all those things, plus has incredible maneuverability.  It moves so easily and smooth.  Travelling with 3 kids so much easier when pushing a stroller is effortless.  My 7 year old enjoys giving me a hand in pushing the stroller when needed without effort, I mean it is smooth!  It also takes very little space once open unlike other strollers with the similar look, I have no problem taking it into narrow rowed stores here in New York City.
Although it takes getting used to, the stroller unfolds and folds quickly.  It also has a unique wheel locking/unlocking system then that also took getting used to as well; one lock goes up and the other up.  I absolutely love the way it stands up on it's own once folded and also locks in place on it's own once folded as well.  I like the way it folds up and can be carried over the shoulder with the strap.
It is made with strong IXEF high performance plastic, weighs only 5kg.  It is a perfect stroller to take along for quick errands, and a great stroller to have if you already have your hands full - which I always the case with us parents, no?!  It has a comfortable hammock seat that props your child up upright and comfortably.  Only con would be that it doesn't recline, so it isn't ideal for nap time, but not impossible.  Besides naptime, it works great for my 7 month old and 3 year old.   
These days being a great functioning stroller isn't enough, we want style and personality when it comes to strollers.  Which is the reason why I love that the canopy seat is available in multiple (6) colors, if you want to change it around later on you have the option of buying a different color canopy - and in a snap you could have a whole "new" stroller.  I remember years ago transitioning between my first born and second born wasn't as smooth because of the gender specific colored gear I had.  With the Quinny Yezz you wouldn't have to get a whole new stroller, only would invest in a different color canopy seat.  I could see this stroller lasting a family for years and years.
A stroller that is chic and stylish, compact, with incredible maneuverability, water repellent fabric, and a storage pocket at the back of the Quinny Yezz that holds up to 5 lbs is the perfect gift to have under the tree for a parent.  Always on the go?  Traveling?  Just running errands? All those times would be the perfect time to grab the Quinny Yezz stroller. 

Remote-Control Machines - Animals from Thames & Kosmos #toys

*I received the item/s for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own.  No other compensation was provided.
What would your child say if you told them they can build bionic machines?  They'd be thrilled.  Then you could also add these machines could mimic real animal movements, they'd be ecstatic, no?  Well, that was the case for my 7 year old.  He is a huge fan of building toys, and on the top of his wish list this year and recommendations for children his age are engineering kits like the Remote-Control Machines Animals by Thames & Kosmos. Not only will children be able to build up to 8 different animals, they'll also learn quick facts about them in the booklet/instruction manual.
In this generation of everything high-tech we have to look further then usual to impress children, and that's when I turn to sets like these.  They don't get to just build a creation, they get to see it move - teaching them about animals and starting them on engineering.  Thames & Kosmos Remote-Control Machines will please both the parent and child.  Complete with 94 pieces to work with, 8 models to build, and 36 manual pages to learn from. 
Colorful plastic "skins" allows children to build the animals, and also makes for a lightweight end result, which moves in the same way the animals would move in real life.  You will need 6 triple 'A' batteries to get started.  The two-button remote control unit moves the small motor forward and in reverse, allowing the models to move forward or backward.  My son who is 7, but used to building with other various building sets, didn't find it difficult.  My daughter enjoyed playing with the animals once they were build, as a parent I appreciate a toy that also teaches. 
It was a great way to plug in learning about different animals in our homeschool lessons, and then being able to build the various animals.  Children can build an elephant that walks, a cute little penguin that waddles, the rabbit that hops forward, the scorpion that crawls, that orangutan that climbs hand over hand along a string, a crab that scurries sideways, and two different dinosaurs.  The set allows children to create their own made up animal with the pieces and plastic "skin" as well.  Just like other Thames & Kosmos sets we've tried out, this one we highly recommend.