Geology Lab for Kids by Garret Romaine Featuring 52 Easy Projects!

geology lab for kids book
Whether you are a homeschooling parent or not, I think you will love the book Geology LAB for Kids by Garret Romaine.  It contains 52 projects to explore rocks, gems, geodes, crystals, fossils, and other owners of the earth's surface.  I think we can all agree that one of the best memories are made when doing projects together, and children learn the most through doing vs. simply watching or reading.  The projects inside range from easy to advanced.  I considered some advanced since some require some items that the everyday person might not have, but overall I am impressed by the many that don't require specialty materials or real skill.  It's just the kind of resource parents and teachers can use to give children the opportunity to learn through play. 

"Build-a-Bot" by Colorific - Bot Friends You Get to Build!

Build your own robot kit
Looking for toys your children can play with that they'll not only love but will also challenge them to learn in the process?  Check out the newest addition to the STEAM toy market,  the Build-a-Bot by Colorific.  With Build-a-Bot, children can not only have a little robot pet to play with but they can actually build it and have it come alive.  Available in three adorable characters; Bunny, Dino, and Fox.   It will be available at Walmart stores (U.S only) on July 31!  We got to test out the Fox, and my children built him in a few clicks by following the instructions on their own.  My youngest has been treating it like it's our new pet, using the little bone it comes with to make it follow along.  It is geared for children 5-12, with younger children needing parental guidance.

"Beat Bugs" Musical Book & Matching Game at Target!

Beatles Beat Bugs book
Last I month I shared with you the news of the hit family friendly show Beat Bugs on Netflix.  Now I am excited to let you know that there are new Beat Bugs products available at Target!  Kids can join the musical adventures anytime with the many products including accessories, apparel, books, puzzles, and musical toy sets.  We got to test out the Beat Bugs Musical Note hardcover book, and Beat Bugs Matching Game.  They are perfect for young kids, even if they aren't a fan of the show yet.  Features musical notes, lyrics, fun characters, and more that are fun for kids.

What Do You Know About Ladybugs? - Insect Lore Ladybug Land with Live Larvae

live ladybug kit
If you are looking to make memories with your children that include a fun and educational component to it, you have to check out the Lady Bug Land from Insect Lore.  It is a unique opportunity to teach and learn while witnessing the beautiful metamorphosis of a ladybug.  I cannot recommend it enough, I think every parent should experience the Lady Bug Land with their children. It far exceeds what a reading session, art project, or screen time can provide.  It can, however, be the inspiration behind many projects with your kids.  What do our children know about ladybugs besides how cute they are?  How much do you know about them?  Insect Lore gives you a learning opportunity that you won't forget!

A Family Must See - "OVO" Cirque du Soleil Live Production #OVO

family show must see
Captivating music, breathtaking talent, and an overall memorable experience for all ages.  It wasn't just a show, it felt intimate, and it was incredibly produced in a way that every second of the show all eyes were glued to the stage.  When I allowed myself to look around, everyone in the audience had bright smiles or open jaws in amazement.  I went with my family not knowing what to expect and came out extremely pleased with the show.  I have been to many family-friendly live shows in the past, from live animal shows, the circus, and many others of it's kind, but the OVO - Cirque De Soleil was hands down the best live show we've ever seen.  My husband and my three young children all loved every minute of the show as well.  No other show has ever captured our attention the way this one has and is an absolute must see!  

Travel Necessities - Toothbrushes and Hair Brushes!

toothbrush anti microbial

detangle compact hair brush

We love to travel as a family, but no matter how often we getaway I always have to make a long list each time to make sure I have everything we need.  Packing can be both exciting, and stressful.  I pack for 5 people, and the list can get long.  I list everything from the very important like emergency medicine, to socks for everyone, to brushes for teeth and hair!  Making a thorough list ahead of time prevents forgetting any small item.  When I run into items that are useful or might make packing easier, I always want to share with you all!  The latest are from MouthWatchers toothbrushes and Hotheads hairbrushes.  Items that work great for everyday use, but also come in a travel friendly packaging or size.

Surprizamals Series 4 - Sea, Woodland, and other Mystical Themed Characters!

Surprizamals Series 4

Another adorable series is out, and we have ours to share with you once again!  These are adorable as they are just as toys, but you can use them as party favors, gifts, awarding for good grades, collecting and more!  I honestly have started to use almost all my collectible blind "bag" toys like this one to surprise my kids at random times.  It is the perfect toy to pull out when you need them to be extra patient, like a waiting area, on a long flight, or road trip.  It gives them a surprise and something to play with.  Aren't they just adorable?  They are one of our top favorite "blind bag" surprise collectibles!

Makeup Like a Pro with "Models Own" Products

Models Own makeup
The more products I try by Models Own, I find myself in love with them all.  Ever watch those makeup tutorials where the artists are so good at what they do and seem to have the most amazing products?  When I try Models Own makeup, I find myself realizing allot of it is in the products you use.  While most of us might need more practice to achieve those looks we see, we absolutely should make sure we get the right products to help us along.  I have tried many different makeup brands before, and have also stood in a store not knowing what to buy, where to start.  Those are the exact reasons why I feel I need to share my thoughts with you all about Models Own products I've tried recently.  These Models Own products aren't extremely expensive, work great and you get enough actual product with your purchase.  It's the kind of makeup products that will be amazing if you already know to apply your makeup well, but also will provide the greatest results if you are still learning - which is so motivating.