Fun Toys for Hot Summer Days!

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Hot summer days are ahead, and it is the unofficial beginning of summer.  I am excited to share with you some items that are a must-have for some fun in the sun Memorial Day weekend and all summer long!  Perfectly priced toys that deliver lots of fun pleasing both children and parents alike.  American Plastic Toys has the perfect T-Ball set for little kids to start growing their interest in baseball.  My kids and I are in love with water blasters from Prime Time Toys, available in a variety of sizes and styles. My kids are excited and have been already enjoying these items so I could bring you a thorough review.

Treat Yourself to a Movie Night with G.H. Cretors Popped Corn #GHCretorsMovieNight


One of the best ways to unwind at the end of a busy week is to grab a tasty snack, a comfy blanket and watch a good movie.  Too busy to actually go to the movies?  No problem!  Choose from the many flavors of G.H. Cretors popped corn and have a delicious movie night at home that you can't get elsewhere.  There are many flavors available, and I was sent a sampling of two popular flavors; The Mix, and Just the Cheese.  My personal favorite of the G.H. Cretors popped corn snack is the sweet and salty mix, called The Mix; a mix of cheddar cheese and caramel popped corn.  I love G.H. Cretors popped corn as it is made using high quality ingredients, non-GMO ingredients and is 100% gluten-free.  

FlipaZoo Stuffed Animals and Mini Collectibles! #toys

FlipaZoo Flipzee Stuffed Animals
Unicorn plush toy
Have you seen these adorable stuffed toys before?  These adorable FlipaZoo Stuffed Toys are two buddies in one.  We got to check them out at the TTPM Spring Showcase and my littlest one just fell in love with them.  He was screaming in delight every time you would flip the stuffed toy to the other side to reveal another animal on the other side. .  You get two soft colorful animals in one!  They have a full line of 16" stuffed toys, tiny soft collectibles, as well as Mini Collectibles!  Super fun for all ages, and I definitely got so much joy seeing how much kids love the flipping surprise.

"Protect Like a Mother" Exhibit by Lysol in Brooklyn Bridge Plaza (May 20th & May 21st)

free exhibit in Brooklyn Bridge Plaza

free exhibit in Brooklyn Bridge Plaza 
Looking for something to do this weekend?  Enjoy a beautiful day at the Brooklyn Bridge Park with your family and walk over to see the free "Protect Like a Mother" exhibit by Lysol.  Lysol is celebrating the protective instincts of mothers.  The exhibit demonstrate the incredible ways that moms protect their young, from harms way to harmful germs.  The exhibit shows different animals and share their mother's instincts and how they protect their young, including that of the human mom.

What Does a Stay-at-Home Mom Really Do All Day?

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I requested a group photo, my 2 year-old wanted to hug his sister & brother for the shot. 💕
Let's get this straight so men and grown children get it right.  I'm talking about Mother's Day!  What do moms really want?  On Mother's Day, on their birthdays, you know those few days in a year where they might get some attention all around and you feel the pressure to deliver something grand.  The truth is that moms really do just want to be appreciated and loved all year long.  If you do a good job letting your spouse, or mom know how much you appreciate them all year long, you don't need one day to show them.

Sure if you never

Quality Umbrellas for Rainy Spring Days by Shed Rain

I don't know about you, but I never think about umbrellas until I need it.  Today was one of those days, it was pouring out and I needed an umbrella!  It was the perfect opportunity to try out my new ShedRain umbrella.  As a kid I never knew how umbrellas made into our home, it was just always there when we needed it.  But unlike those careless days of being a child, as adults we have to be the ones that make the umbrellas appear in our homes.  I recently learned of Shed Rain, a brand that has all kinds of umbrellas available for just that.

FAWEN Ready-to-Drink Vegan Superfood Soups

When I first heard of FAWEN, ready-to-drink "cold soup" I was interested, but then totally turned off at the thought of cold soup.  I went through a mix of emotions..I expect soup to be hot and my fruity smoothies to be cold, so naturally your mind just doesn't not know what to think.  It took me a long while to finally give these a try, but once I did I was pleasantly surprised.  It wasn't at all how I expected it to be.  It was smooth, flavorful, and actually refreshing.  I think it just very well seasoned with the spices, and not in an overwhelming way either.  What makes it an absolute must-try is it's ingredients, and the health benefits packed into these ready-to-drink soups.  

TTPM Spring Showcase 2017 #toys #ttpm

The TTPM Spring Showcase 2017 was filled with incredible energy, surrounded with great people, and of course the best of the best toys of the season!  My kids and I were thrilled to get our hands on playing with so many new toys and some old favorites as well.  I was excited to bring my children along on Take Your Daughters & Sons to Work Day!  Everyone had a great time, and I'm excited to let you know we will be featuring many of the amazing finds from the event in the coming weeks and months!