FlipZee Girls - Super Cute Dolls that Flip and Transform

flipzee girl dolls
Flip Zee Girls are the perfect doll for a child that loves plush toys, and also enjoys playing with dolls but love to cuddle up with them too.  These come from the makers of the amazing FlipaZoo stuffed toys I featured a while back.  You get two dolls in one!  They are adorable, cuddly, and absolutely lovable plush dolls that flip from a baby girl to a super fun "big girl" with style.  There are six styles to choose from so your child will be able to choose one that they are able to connect the most with or can collect them all!  After all, the options are so fun, and hard to choose from!  The names reflect the personality and style of the dolls.  There's Zara Flower, Zabrina Ballerina, Zandy Candy, Zoey Bear, Zana Strawberry, and Zuri Cat.

Peppa Pig Products Perfect for Keeping Little Ones Busy and Happy

peppa pig magnet set
We love Peppa Pig in our home, so we are excited to share some of the newest fun products from TCG Toys that your little preschooler will love.  I love shows that teach and Peppa Pig is definitely one of them, and along with the fun educational content I like to try to keep toys we play with educational as well.  The Peppa Pig Jumbo Mega Play Mat and Magnetic Dress Up Box Set promotes hours and hours of imaginative play, making it perfect for little Peppa Pig fans.  These can be enjoyed indoors and can be taken outdoors as well.

Beat Bugs on Netflix - Children's Show Inspired by the Music of The Beatles!

Beatles Music show
I'm excited to share with you all another adorable and energetic children's show Beat Bugs; a Netflix Original Series.  The show was inspired by the music of The Beatles.  Full of fun and catchy music that have teachable messages for children.  My children love the show, and I love the messages in the show..I also enjoy hearing the music.  Targeted for pre-school aged children, I find it a show that even older siblings and parents can enjoy as they sit with the younger children.

Skin, Beard, and Shave Products for Him #GiftIdeas

It's hard to find items for the men in our lives sometimes, so here are some suggestions that might be just what you're looking for.  Skin care isn't what you automatically think about at first when you think gifts for men, but there are a great variety of products for men for their beard, skin, and shaving needs overall.  Whether he is looking to grow a beard, groom his beard, or simply take care of his skin there are products out there.  I'm sharing some products for him from Beard Guyz, Van Der Hagen, and Cremo.  There's everything from face wash, to grooming and styling his beard.  Great gift sets available, as well as opportunity for you to make a gift set by picking and choosing from the products available.
gift ideas for him

12” Classic Sonic Plush Toy by TOMY

12” Classic Sonic Plush Toy by TOMY
 Super cute, super cool 12” Classic Sonic the Hedgehog plush toy by TOMY!  It's a classic Sonic plush character to add to your collection, sure to please the young and old!  I have many adult friends who would love this plush, and rightfully so.  It is soft and nicely detailed as well made.

Gift Idea: High Tech Quality Umbrellas by Shed Rain

Having a hard time figuring out what to get the men in your life for special occasions?  Father's day, birthdays, anniversaries..you name it!  Finding a useful, unique, and cool gift is one of the hardest things.  Consider Shed Rain umbrellas that will blow their minds!  It's difficult to find gifts for the men in our lives, but these super cool reliable and modern umbrellas will not only keep them dry but happy even on rainy days.  ShedRain offers a variety of umbrellas, from the affordable to the very expensive.  But they stand behind their products with unique quality umbrellas that are backed up with a lifetime guarantee.  The two umbrellas you need to check out are the E-Motion umbrella, and the Vortex Vent umbrella.  These are umbrellas that will impress the pickiest of gift recipients.

Presidio Wallet Phone Case with a Convenient 3-Card Slot by Speck

 iPhone case with card slot
The Presidio Wallet phone case is a must-have for anyone, and would make a great gift for dads this Father's Day!  They are slim, protective cases that hold up to three cards in a convenient side-loading slot.  I personally have been loving it, and see how it eliminates us busy parents from carrying too much of what we actually don't need.  All most of us really need is our I.D and 2 other cards.  No matter the weather, the less you carry the better!  This stylish case comes in three shades and does more than just protect your phone with the convenient card slot.

Our Stay at the Wellnesste Lodge and Nature Sanctuary

Wellnesste Lodge review
I couldn't help but just smile while I was at the Wellnesste Lodge.  It was the green grass, the clear view of the sky, the ponds, the sound of the fast flowing river, the silence, the animals, the cozy E.O. Wilson cabin, and to see my children enjoying it all.  The cabin is named in honor of E.O. Wilson Ph.D. by one of the innkeepers Christophe Marin who was inspired by his books and research about biology and conservation.  There is more of the back-story on how the Wellnesste Lodge came about on their website if you are interested, be sure to check that out.
No matter who you are, what you do on this earth -- we all have things in common.  Among those is to live a happy and stress-free life.  But we all get swept into the hectic everyday life that life sometimes brings.  It is loud, crowded, challenging - everyday testing our patience and keeping us busy on our toes.  It's life, and the way it is for most of us.  Everyone is always running from one thing to another.  It isn't until you get away from the everyday routine that you realize that you needed to get-away.  The Wellnesste Lodge has provided my family with the charge we all needed.  Even my children needed the break more than I had realized.  I highly recommend a getaway to Upstate New York and for you to stay at the Wellnesste Lodge.  It is a truly unique place where even if you don't plan out a schedule, you will still enjoy your time there.  It's peaceful...