Thursday, August 14, 2014

How to Train a Dragon 2 BEWILDERBEAST - Final Battle Set Toy #Review

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From DreamWorks How to Train a Dragon 2 BEWILDERBEAST Final Battle Set is so much fun.  I have a 6 year old and a toddler, they both love it.  My daughter goes around saying "rooarr" and is able to play with the toy just as much as her older brother.  My son is a fan of DreamWorks How to Train a Dragon, so he is aware of what the toy represents.  Details, sound, size and action are all that make this toy a hit with the kids.  The simplicity in making it work, makes me happy.      
It has sound which kids love, and it has "action," which obviously adds to the fun.  You press on the back of Bewilderbeast and it "fires out icy missiles." 
It is quite large in size, which my kids seem to really like.  The arms, head and even tail move which also activates the "roar" sound.  I don't mind that it is bigger in size, my kids love taking toys out to play and this one can't get lost.  They enjoyed playing with the whole set at the park. 

Our favorite dragon Toothless is much smaller in comparison to Bewilderbeast, but makes for great role playing as kids create their own final battle from How to Train a Dragon 2. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kidz Vuz Back to School Bash #BBNYC #KidzVuzBTS

All photos used in this post are thanks to Josh Strauss Studios.
The Kidz Vuz event was the last event of the two day Blogger Bash conference.  They really made so much happen in two days, it is amazing!  The Kidz Vuz event was a huge space full of fun.  Excited kids running around with their parents by their side, and amazing sponsors.  Sponsors were Microsoft, Land's End, Speck, Unikey, WWE, Hasbro, School Specialty, Lifelock, Netgear, Disney Films, Make My Cake, Sweet Loren's, Becky's Bites and more!  My son and I joined in all that we can that wasn't a risk to us in terms of food allergies.  We made our way around fast, but made sure to get the most of all that we could.
Lands End Back to School Apparel
Right away we met Natalya and Darren from WWE, my son was super shy and they were so nice as they took a picture and gave him an autograph.  Land's End had all their good looking, great quality back to school items that I had to check out, it was one of our personal favorites!  Speck which I was introduced to had amazing cases for your iPhone and iPad at their stations, which you can look for a review here real soon.  School Specialty had an awesome, popular corner for the kids getting a turn in the ticket catcher booth.  Kid playing video games, many of our family favorites, Guardians of the Galaxy photo opportunity, and so much more. 
I was a bit overwhelmed, and dealing with food allergies so didn't think I was as all over as I should have been.  But all in all an amazing time with amazing sponsors.  Unfortunately as I stated and even posted about, food allergies kept us from enjoying everything to the fullest but super fun.  Can't wait for future connections with the brands, and Kidz Vuz.  My son can't wait to put his first official video up.  Thanks for such a fun event, we're hoping to join in again in the future!


Monday, August 4, 2014

Marvel Universe LIVE Near You! #MULNYNJ

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Marvel Universe Live was a great show.   Something really exciting about seeing all those characters live in front of you.  What had me in complete awe the whole time was all the time and effort that went into making the show possible.  I kept staring up and around to see all that goes into making it possible.  The talented men and women on the arena floor, the many people behind that we don't know about, it was incredible what they had achieved.  My son (6) seemed to enjoy the show and that's what mattered to me most of all.  If the show captures the attention of a boy who is a fan of all Marvel super heroes, then job well done.  And if you happen to get the parents excited and intrigued, then bravo! 

 2 of the incredibly talented performers from the show
It's another one of those shows that the poster doesn't say much, and it's almost left to your imagination - as to what you can expect.  But all the better I say, I love the surprise when it's good.  I don't like reading reviews and the whole review tells me the whole show in summary, so I won't do that.  I will instead tell you my thoughts, and tell you it was a great show and that it was nothing like we've ever seen before.  It was Marvel LIVE, it was all happening in front of you, so real, yet so fake - you almost forget it's live and not on a screen.  It is action packed with stunts, including motorcycles, and well used props to make scenes happen.  So yes, I recommend it, we loved it.  Here are the dates for yet another amazing production by Feld Entertainment, Marvel Universe Live in the New York Metro area:

IZOD Center July 31- August 10
Barclays Center August 13 - 17
Nassau Coliseum August 21 - 24

For ticket sales information visit
"Marvel Universe LIVE! launches new innovations in set design, aerial stunts, pyrotechnics and state-of-the-art show elements that bring movie style special effects to the live entertainment arena. Audiences will see the awe-inspiring world of Super Heroes come to life before their eyes with a dynamic cast comprised of some of the industry's most talented stunt performers. Utilizing their talents and aided by a unique combination of never before seen arena mechanics some of Marvel's mightiest will come to life with profound results. These true-to-comic creations will be supported by innovative lighting design and transformative 3D projection that will take the audience on a journey around the globe with these timeless characters. To support this massive undertaking, Marvel Universe LIVE! will not only utilize the entire arena floor, but also perform within a multilevel aerial space creating a unique experience that puts audiences right in the middle of the action in ways they could only dream about prior."



Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mark Your Calendars for the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Movie - August 8th! #TMNTMovie

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TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES to be released on August 8th!  The excitement is real in this house as my husband is a fan from when he was a child and got to enjoy it with his son by his side, only it was a better version!  In 3D, and the graphics were all very well done, usually my husband and I cringe at cheesy scenes that the kids wouldn't notice but with this movie - we didn't have any of those moments at all.  It is rated PG-13 with sci-fi violence and we took our son with us.  I was skeptical at first, since the characters on the ad look kind of mean, and I was wondering what they had done with the real characters but they are still the teenage mutant ninja turtles we all love. 

I've never have been particularly interested in the Ninja Turtles before, so I was nervous to see if I'd even be interested.  I left the movie asking my husband and son about the characters.  It isn't easy to find movies that will keep everyone interested for the duration of the whole movie these days, and #TMNTMovie kept us all entertained.  So to wrap up my thoughts on the movie I would have to say it is a must see movie for sure!  For me what made the movie such a success was not knowing what to expect when I sat in the theatre, so now I understand the ads, and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did.      

Follow the excitement on the official accounts here:

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Element Associates brought Makeovers, Unique Bubbles, Cake and so much more at #BBNYC #EAevents

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It has been a fun month for me and part of the excitement was due to Blogger Bash.  One of the many events I was able to attend during #BBNYC was #EAevents.  There was so much going on, sometimes at the same time.  I might of missed something here and there but I didn't miss #EAevents!  I made my way through everything really quick making sure to stop where there was space for me.  I unfortunately didn't make it to every sponsor, which included COVERGIRL, Smokey Bear, Jewelry, Wubble Bubble, Alex's Lemonade Stand, Auto TexPink, and more!  Personally, the highlights of the event would have to be Cover Girl, and Wubble Bubble for me..only because that is where I stopped and talked.
I was in the room when there was lines for everything from the "meet & greet" line for NY Times best selling author Lauren Willig, all the way to a full circle to Jewelry.  I stood on the line right before me as I entered and ended up picking up amazing lip gloss from COVERGIRL, and then enjoying a mini manicure with COVERGIRL XL Gel collection.  I tried the Colorlicious Lip Gloss right away, and loved it.  I haven't purchased lip gloss in so long, and the last time I did I hadn't found one I truly liked.  It wasn't sticky, went on smooth, no smell or taste, and it lasted.  It was unfortunately really crowded where they featured more beauty products while giving make overs, that I didn't get a look at.  I later learned that the makeup touch ups/mini makeovers featured COVERGIRL's new #instaGLAM Collection, which I have to check out!  I might just create a "Fashion & Beauty" section on the blog because I am starting to love makeup!
I'm sad I didn't get to see the new Miii jewelry collection by Joseph Nogucci.  They are bracelets crafted from semiprecious stone beads and gleaming rhodim-plated magnets designed to bring all the bracelets together in a perfect arm stack.  And it is like charm bracelets, Miii charms commemorates a specific milestone or memory.

As I made my way around the room, I stopped to check out the Wubble Bubble in person and have to say it looked like lots of fun.  Looks like a bubble, and plays like a ball.  As tempted as I was, I didn't get to throw myself on it and bounce (not sure if I can do that!) but was excited to get an up close look for my son who has been asking for it.
AutoTex Pink was there to share "Wipe Out Breast Cancer," where a donation is made with every purchase of AutoTex Pink wiper blades to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  They are available for purchase in pink or black with a pink ribbon online at
Smokey Bear is celebrating his 70th birthday this year, and posed for photos and shared cake with everyone at the event.  Smokey Bear plays a key role in educating the public tha "Only YOU can prevent wildfires."  A startling fact I learned, nine out of ten wildfires are started by humans!
My only regret about the event was that I did not make my way to every sponsor, and did not take much pictures throughout.  Wait, that's not my only regret, I also should've had a piece of the Smokey Bear cake pictured above!  There was so much going on, but I am happy I took the time to get nail polish on my nails for the first time in forever! ( I'm singing the "Frozen" song in my head!☺)  The nail polish had such a nice glossy, gel finish, and since it was a mini manicure, clear nail polish wasn't even applied and it looked great.  Hopefully I'll be able to connect with some of the sponsors to connect better.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A New Video Game for the LEGO Fan - LEGO NINJAGO NINDROIDS Available July 29, 2014! -Plus Enter to Win a Copy! #Giveaway

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LEGO Ninjago Nindroids, a new game geared for all ages is coming out today, July 29th!  Exclusively available to Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita, retailing for $29.99.  Are your kids familiar with LEGO's popular animated TV series "LEGO Ninjago Rebooted?"  Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games are releasing this game, perfect timing to help parents keep their kids entertained all summer long.  It is great for the LEGO fan in your home, but looks like a fun family game for everyone.    

My son has always been into playing video games, but now that he is 6, ,it seems to be the perfect age to start letting him play the appropriate games.  He is a huge fan of LEGO, and says anything that is LEGO - he is a fan of.  His first video game I bought for him has been the LEGO Super Marvel Heroes game that he can't get enough of. 
I know he will be excited to give this game a try, but I am even more excited to share the news with him since he is a fan of Ninjago - the show and of course the LEGO sets.  I am always happy to see any fun video games with great graphics that are geared for everyone. 
Here's a quick trailer of the game!
Are you as  excited as I am?  How about a chance to win a copy of the game for yourself, or your child - of course!  Enter below using the Rafflecopter.  Good luck!" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway