Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Emojiez Plushi Palz & Blind Bag Buddiez from Fun 2 Play Toys (video) - Toy Review

Emojiez Plush Palz
It's hard to find anything unique that won't break the bank that kids will like these days, specially young teenagers whose faces  are glued to their phone screens. Items need to be high tech and trendy.  Well, I think Emojiez from Fun 2 Play Toys will bring the child in your child back and have them loving plush animals all over again. These are great for young kids who don't even know what emojis are, and really anyone. I know many like to identify with some of the emojis out there because of their constant use of them, these Emojiez Plushi Palz and Buddiez will be sure to please!
Check out our video above featuring the Emojiez Plushi Palz and Buddies above.  My kids love them and had fun making the video for you all.  At the affordable price, and simplicity these are all a great little gift add on and fun party favor idea!
grinning emoji
These Plushi Palz are

Saturday, June 25, 2016

FunNoodle Fun Heroes Bow & Arrow Set from Jakks Pacific

It is finally summer, and if you haven't already been spending lots of time in the pool now is the time to.  It's time to pull out our pool toys, and let the fun begin.  Many children have finished their school year and official summer vacation has started.   When I think of pool time and pool toys, the famous Fun Noodle comes to mind.  There probably isn't a person not familiar with the colorful "pool noodles," they have been the #1 selling summer toy brand in America since 1995 with more than 40 million have been sold. But did you know they also have other toys made with this brightly colored foam noodles?  Fun HeroesTM Bow and Arrows Set is one of them.
Jakks Pacific FunNoodle pool toy review
The bow

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Emotional at My Son's First Dance Recital

daytodaymoments food allergies
It's recital time for many families around the county, I never noticed until I finally joined in this year.
Just the thought of my son on stage, or part of something like it excited me, which was one of my main reasons for signing my son up to dance classes this past season.  The dance classes only took place once a week, but in the end they come together for a day of performances to showcase all that they learned.  Most families get to see their child get an

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Win Bauli Mini Croissants with Chocolate & Vanilla Custard Fillings! Giveaway

Want a good tasting sweet treat that is the perfect size and calorie count?  Why not!  These Bauli Mini Croissants are 50 calories a piece.  Many of the food items we eat are full of calories, and in big portions.  With these you could have the perfect amount just to pick you up and satisfy your craving.  Maybe a perfect as a mid day snack, or even part of a quick on the go breakfast, just add a fruit on the side to health it up.

Available in two varieties; Chocolate or Vanilla Custard filled mini croissants.  The perfect snack just for you, or could even be used as a party snack.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Travel Inspirations - Wordless Wednesday

cape cod beaches
Seeing new sights.  New views, new smells, new places.. can be magical.  So much to see in the world.  I hope to see as much as I can with my family.  Love traveling with my family, discovering the world through my children's eyes, and experiencing it together.
cape cod ma beaches

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The World's Smallest Folding Stroller - GB POCKIT STROLLER - The Take Everywhere and Anywhere Stroller! #gbpockit

I first saw the GB Pockit Stroller at the New York Baby Show, and as you might remember it was one of my top picks.  I remember checking it out and playing with it at the show but when I was able to really give it a good use - it quickly became my go-to stroller.  I just love taking it everywhere with me.  And I actually love opening and folding it up.  It's just amazing.  I simply cannot get over how incredibly small it folds up, and how easy it is to do so.  I have three kids, and I travel allot.  Whether just to the zoo, or to a family getaway - I'm almost always on the go.  The Pockit Stroller has been the perfect stroller to take anywhere, and everywhere.  It has also been an on-the-go conversation starter as everyone is so impressed by it, I have demonstrated numerous times showing people how I fold and unfold it so small.  
gb pocket small stroller
I love that I can use it on all my kids if I needed to.  Being able to support up to 55 lbs, both my 3 year old and 1 year old are able to share it comfortably.  In comparison to