BEDDI Charge Alarm Clock by WITTI Design with Charging Ports and a Mood Night Light

Alarm clock with charging ports
How's the school year going so far for your family?  Has everyone adjusted to their schedules?  I find that my son loves to know what time it is at all times, and truly enjoys his freedom and independence when it comes to getting up and ready for a school day.  Allowing our older children to claim their independence helps everyone in the long run.  With BEDDIE Charge, my son can take responsibility for the time he wants to wake up each morning, and also keep track of time conveniently during the day too.  The BEDDI Charge isn't just an alarm clock but also a night light, and offers a place to charge his devices with 3 USB ports in the back.  Great device to have in almost any room of your home.


I got an email that started with "Ever have those seasons when getting out of bed is agonizing, your typical workout is leaving you more winded than usual, or you’re feeling forgetful?" and I don't know how you feel when you read those words, but I felt like it truly spoke to me!  As a busy parent of three this feeling is so familiar lately, and I was so excited to give the NutraGlow a try.  Suber B is the newest sublingual vitamin from NutraGlow that blends active B-6 and inactive B-12 to help fight fatigue by supercharging the body and optimizing brain function.  I have been trying it out for the last three weeks, and have loved the added boost.  While I can't say I am dramatically energized and focused I do appreciate giving my body and brain all that it needs to be at it's best for my busy days.  I will continue to take it as it tastes good and I feel confidend in it's ingredients and benefits.

Protect Your Skin All Year Long with Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen

Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen
Sunscreen that smells good and is free of chemicals?  Yes, why of course I had to share it with you all.  I have fair sensitive and fair skin, it wasn't always so sensitive but I was also not great at taking care of my skin in my younger years.  I rarely wore sunscreen, only tanning formulas while out in the sun. As the years went on and after I became a mom, my skin showed some serious sensitivities to the sun.  I became best friends with different skin protective options, for the purpose of avoiding any more sun spots or rashes from the sun.  The latest products I have been loving is the Australian Gold New Botanical Sunscreens.  They are non-greasy, antioxidant rich formulas that provide the UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection, that happens to smell great as well.  Great for every day when planning to be out in the sun.

Super Vites - Children's Chewable Multivitamin! #gf #dairyfree #soyfree

Children's Chewable Multivitamin!
With the new school year in full force, everyone is adjusting to the new and busy schedule they have to keep up with.  I think children especially have it hard coming from a lay-back summer to busy weekdays.  As parents, we all worry and one of the worries parents have is "are they providing the needed nutrition for their children daily?"  Previnex Super Vites, children's chewable multivitamin can help ensure they are getting needed minerals and vitamins.  It is packed with an organic blend of 28 super fruits & vegetables, with no preservatives or artificial additives, as well as features like gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.  Products that promote a healthier well-being is always great, but the added bonus is that these taste great, and can easily be passed as a sweet treat they will enjoy daily.

Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms Experiment Kit by Thames & Kosmos

Mechanical Engineering kit for kids
How do robotic machines perform work?  Children learn by getting hands on, building up to 6 different pneumatic machines with the Thames & Kosmos - Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms Experiment Kit.
Experiment Kit by Thames & Kosmos stem
I love Thames & Kosmos products for children, they provide so many incredible products geared towards fun learning.  This Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms kit allows for a child to build up to six mechanical models of the type or arms, grabber claws and legs found on robotic machines.  It is geared for ages 7-14.  I let my 9-year-old do it independently and he was able to complete it without any issues.  My son loves seeing how things are built by breaking them apart when possible, so building kits are perfect for him to see how things are constructed to make mechanical machines.  These kits with easy-to-follow instructions teach children so much without them realizing it is learning time.  The best way to learn is through play and this is one of those items that both parents and children love.

Rigoni di Asiago Sweetener & Spreads You'll Love!

Rigoni di Asiago Sweetener & Spreads
Absolutely delicious spreads by Rigoni di Asiago that will change the way you snack!  You can feel good about indulging in these rich and flavorful spreads knowing they are non-GMO and organic!  The simple ingredients will make you smile even brighter than the incredible flavors these Nocciolata and Fiordifrutta spreads bring!  Add the Rigoni di Asiago Dolcedi low glycemic sweetener from apples into your diet, you'll be one happy person.  Add these spreads to healthy crackers, simple store bought cookies, serve them up next to fruit and make yourself to be a master in the kitchen to friends and family.  

Lice Prevention Products You Need by Fairy Tales Hair Care

Prevent Lice products
Lice.  When you think of lice, I think we can all agree it is a nightmare for all families to imagine their child coming home with lice.  And it's that exact thought that has us wanting to do anything we can to prevent it from becoming a reality.  Luckily there are preventive products you can use on your children's hair to prevent lice and nits.  Fairy Tales hair care products uses all natural and organic blends including Rosemary, Peppermint, Tea Tree and Citronella that are not only all natural & safe but also clinically proven effective.   All these natural lice prevention products for children are a must-have all year round, and specially important to start using now that the school year has started.

Save Money - Shop Online Consignment at

Online Consignment at
Dress: $4.50 (1 of 2)  Tights: $6.00 

fashion for kids
Shirt: $6.50  Pants: $11.00 
Have you heard of Swap. com?  I was recently introduced to it, ordered some great items from there, and had to share it with you all.  It is an online consignment store that sells something for everyone in your family.  I took the opportunity to do some "back-to-school" shopping, even though for us it was more like a "end of summer" shopping!  Searched on all the categories I found useful and bought something for my whole family for $100.60!  It was a total of 14 items that included shirts, dresses, pants, tights, workbooks, chapter books, hats & mittens and more for everyone.  Many of the items were "like new" or "new with tags", all for a fraction of the retail price found in stores.  I was nervous shopping online, not having checked out the quality, but it all worked out!