BOSEbuild Speaker Cube - High Performance Bluetooth Speaker that Offers Fun Learning Opportunities #STEM #STEAM

BOSEbuild Speaker Cube review

stem toys for ages 8 and up
It isn't easy to find a gift for children these days and I always say it's mostly because there's too many things to choose from.  If you're anything like me and you like to buy useful items as much as cool and in style.  The BOSEbuild Speaker Cube is the right fit for that!  Get your child a bluetooth speaker they can listen to their favorite shows on, and hear their music in BOSE quality sound.  Sound good?  It gets better, children can learn the basics of how speakers work, and get a hand in completing the speaker before using it along with fun customizable features.  If only all our devices came with a lesson of sorts to teach us how it's working!

Peppy Pups by TPF Toys on National Mutt Day! #PeppyPups

Did you know today is National Mutt Day?  In celebration why not get your little one a new puppy???

NO?  Right..well you should know that the super cute Peppy Pups by TPF Toys are the official plush dog of National Mutt Day.  I feel it's only right that you take a loyal cute puppy home for your little one today.  These little plush puppies bring the authentic love that a real pup does as it follows you around, and are so adorable.  The cuddly plush puppy has a spring in it's step and when pulled by it's collar can run, jump and wag it's tail like a real dog.

Light Up Your Home for the Holidays with Deck the Home "A Christmas Story" Laser Light Projectors

Deck the Home "A Christmas Story" Laser Light Projectors
Home "A Christmas Story" Laser Light Projectors
Have you decorated your home yet?  I have some friends who impatiently waited until early November, and know of some who keep their decor ready all year long.  The ones who keep it all year long apparently do because of the struggle and hassle of decorating the outside of your home.  That's not practical, safe, or fun...  And so many families want to decorate the outside of their home with lights but are stopped by the hassle of it all, but now everyone can have a unique light show on their home.  The Deck the Home laser light projectors that light up your home for the holidays will change your whole outlook on decorative lights for your home!  There's no climbing ladders, braving the cold..say goodbye to those days for good.  Covering over 5000 square feet and many great features this is the answer to all your house decorating problems.  Kids and adults will get a thrill out of how easy and fun these are.

Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas from Trudeau #StockingStufferGuide

I'm happy to share some of the unique, and useful Trudeau items they offer.  I find these great gift idea inspirations, or just stocking stuffers on their own.  A few years ago, I started putting little things I needed and wanted in my home in my own stocking, it all started when my son asked me why I didn't get anything from Santa.  I pointed at a few new items I had just bought for my kitchen  and I've continued to do that since.  These are the kind of items I'd be more than happy to find in my stocking stuffer in from Santa.  Read on to find more information about these unique, useful, quality items from Trudeau.

Wowee Wow! Talking Kate & Mim-Mim Plush and more! + Giveaway to Win a Kate & Mim-Mim "A Christmas Wish" DVD!

So so so excited to share with you the super fun twirl-ready talking Mim-Mim plush!  My kids cannot get enough of Mim-Mim, and as a side note about the character  - I really love that it is an easy name for little ones to learn.  My son loves Mim-Mim.  All of the plush Mim-Mims we have are all great gift ideas for little ones.  There is a small one, and a large one perfect for cuddling with posable ears...check out the other ones here.  In today's feature the super special Magic Twirl Mim-Mim is super fun for kids to #twirlaway with as he talks, is soft and has fun posable ears as well..  One of the perfect stocking stuffers, in my opinion are books, and I'm happy to share another Christmas with Kate & Mim-Mim book from Penguin.  Read on, and enter for your chance to win the Kate & Mim-Mim A Christmas Wish DVD!

Mom Trends Holiday Soiree Event 2016 in NYC #MTHoliday

Mom Trends Holiday Soiree 2016
Have you started shopping for holiday gifting yet, or are you all done shopping?  I had a fantastic time getting into the holiday mood before Thanksgiving even started, and it was all thanks to a beautiful evening with Mom Trends.  They held their annual Mom Trends Holiday Soiree, and as a first time attendee of the #MTHoliday, I wasn't disappointed.  It was the perfect way to kick off the holiday season, an evening with awesome brands, great company, opportunity to shop, as well as donate.

The App that Every New Parent Needs - The BabyTime App!

New Parent Needs - The BabyTime App!
There are so many apps out there, you imagine it, and there's probably an app for that.  When I was pregnant, one of the very first things I did was download an app to track my pregnancy.  Apps can be entertaining and fun, but then there are apps that become a necessity and I think the BabyTime app is an app that every new parent needs.  It is an app that helps you record your baby's daily activities with ease, while offering many more features that help new parents in a unique way.  Nursing, formula, baby food, diaper, and sleep or just a few options along with many activities to track on the app.  The activities you choose to track are then calculated and converted to simple graphs and charts.  There are so many great features that this app has I just have to break it all down and share it here with you all, because I truly do think it will change your first experiences as a parent.    
New Parent Needs app!

Build Your Own Furniture with Aran Building Blocks

Aran Building Blocks laptop stand
Lego marries IKEA
A while back I got an email telling me about these building blocks that you can make your own small or even large furniture with.  It is well described as what you would get if LEGO met IKEA, fell in love and had a baby.  That was all I needed to hear to peak my interest as we are huge fans of both.  The Aran Blocks, a patent pending building blocks system can be used to create strong and usable weight-bearing structures like a small laptop stand.  With more pieces it is possible to create bookshelves, and many other fun structures - the only limits being your imagination.  Easy to build with, perfect for the young and old.